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Parkland Village does not have any formal partnerships at this time.  However, we are working toward establishing partnerships with various city and non-profit agencies.  Our goal is to complement existing resources, not to duplicate them.  Toward that goal, our Resource Evaluation and Coordination Committee has been meeting with key people in agencies that provide services that are similar in nature to what the Village intends to provide.  Our desire is to develop referral protocols with these agencies, so that we can refer members to them when appropriate and they can refer people to the Village when appropriate.  In some cases we may even be able to coordinate activities to benefit members of Parkland Village.

An example of a potential partnership would be with the City of Albuquerque's Senior Companion Program (SCP).  SCP performs chores in and around the home, as the village intends to do.  However, they do that in the context of companionship visits, and they generally do that in blocks of several hours at a time.  The volunteer companion will do chores if they can be done with the senior or at least in conjunction with having conversations with the senior.  In addition, the volunteers in the program are generally low-income recipients of Social Security, who get a small non-taxable stipend for the work they do.  Those volunteers must work a certain number of hours every week, typically 16-20 hours.  People needing these services usually will be on a waiting list and need to wait 6 months, more or less, depending on where in the City or County they live.  Parkland Village, on the other hand, will not require volunteers to maintain a minimum number of hours per week, and volunteers can do the chores with or without the companionship of the member.  The Village plans to be able to provide services within a matter of days, not months.  So there will be considerable opportunities for referrals to and from SCP.

Other potential partners are the City's Home Services Program, the Area Agency on Aging, and the Age Friendly Albuquerque Initiative.  We have met with people working with each of these programs and have spoken with the founder and director of CREW (Community Renovation Empowering Women).  We hope to develop ongoing wokring relationships with all these agencies.  You can see more information about these agenices on our Resources page.