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  • Help our neighbors age in place
  • Build community
  • Pay it forward


     Photography Contest -- photos of landscapes and gardens of Parkland Hills and Southeast Heights neighborhoods for a calendar and greeting cards we will sell for fundraising purposes -- recently ended.  To see a list of winning photographs and photgraphers, click here

    To order calendars and/or greeting cards, click here.


The primary goal of Parkland Village is to organize a network of volunteers to assist our older or disabled neighbors in various ways.  Planned services include: 

  • transportation to medical appointments, shopping, church services, and senior activities;
  • light household tasks that are no longer possible for our neighbors to perform themselves;
  • computer assistance, and
  • social contact for those who now find themselves alone in their homes.

In doing this, we want to make it possible for our aging neighbors to remain among us as long as possible (and, of course, ourselves too, when the time comes).

As an important secondary goal, we hope through our interaction with both recipients of services and other volunteers to get to know each other, establish friendships, and work towards building community in its most basic sense, that of a village, in which we know each other, appreciate each other, and help each other.

Inspired by the national village movement, which consists of well over 200 villages across the U.S. and is supported by the Village to Village Network, Parkland Village was established in 2017 by a number of determined residents in the Parkland Hills neighborhood of Albuquerque, New Mexico. First known as Parkland Hills Village, it has now been expanded to encompass the entire Albuquerque census tract extending from Zuni/Garfield in the north to Gibson in the south, and from San Mateo in the east to Carlisle in the west, and the name has been changed to better reflect this larger area.

As of January, 2019, Parkland Village is a New Mexico nonprofit corporation with 501(c)(3) status (so donations to the Village are tax deductible). We have a board of directors, several committees, and a set of bylaws. We have had quite a few social events. 

Before we can begin to provide services to our neighbors, several additional steps need to be taken: 

  • Funding. There are significant expenses associated with the services we intend to provide, such as liability insurance, vetting volunteers, outreach, recruitment and surveys, membership in the national Village to Village Network, and the Helpful Village platform that this website is part of. We are actively seeking additional funds through donations, activities, and other events.

  • Volunteers. Our committees include Fundraising, Recruitment, Outreach, and Resource Evaluation and Coordination, and we welcome participation on these committees.  In addition, we can use help especially in the area of IT and accounting.

  • Energy and ideas. We intend to inspire participation in this project by many people who live in the neighborhoods we plan to serve.

While our in-person activities are on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic and the time frame for the start of our provision of services is delayed, we continue to organize and plan to organize online events of interest to residents.

For more information about Parkland Village, you can email us at

For information about the village movement in general, click here.

For related resources, including links to other villages' websites, click here.


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