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                                   Photography Contest 2020

                      Parkland Village Landscapes and Gardens


                                   Winning Photos and Photographers

 The winning photos will be included in the Parkland Village 2021 Calendar

                      To order calendars and/or greeting cards, click here.


Grand Prize Winner:

Rock Garden Moonrise                Jennifer Meyer                                                 


Other Winners:

Floral Fireworks                              Kari Converse                                                            

Agave Glimpse                               Laurel Lampela                                              

Summer Sun                                  Laurel Lampela                                              

Porch Property                               Brannon Porch and Janessa Ruiz                 

Quarantined Bears Want Out         Marjorie Patrick                     

Southern Avenue                           Mary Darling                                                  

Hawk                                              David Phillips                                                 

Corridor 2                                       Khoi Le                                                           

Storm Clouds                                 Sandra McClelland                                          

Untitled                                           Erica Landry                                                   

Roadrunner                                    C.S. Tiefa                                                       


Honorable Mentions:

Bee on Datura Bloom                     Marjorie Patrick                                             

Hyacinths                                        Sandra McClelland