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                Photography Contest: Walls, Gates and Doors of Parkland Village

Instructions for participating in the contest:

Last day for entry is July 31, 2021

  • Submit images with ALL information to (Earlier, we provided you with the wrong e-mail address.  We had instead of  If you already submitted to, kindly submit your photos again.  Sorry for the confusion.)
  • No limit to the number of submissions, BUT only 2 winning photos per person
  • 12 winning photos will be chosen for the Parkland Village calendars and greeting card sets

Full credits and contact information on our website, calendar, and cards

Winners can exhibit their photos at Albuquerque Photographers’ Gallery

Prize for winners: One calendar and one card set

Grand Prize: photograph printed and framed by The Artistic Image + 2 calendars and 2 sets of cards. Grand Prize image will be used for 2022 announcements with full credit

Image Specifics:

Photos must be taken within the Parkland Village service area (bounded by San Mateo, Gibson, Carlisle, and Zuni/Garfield)

Large jpg image files, ideally 12 x 12 inches or 9 x 12 inches at 300dpi

Preference is given to square and horizontal (not vertical) images

Photos must fit the contest theme in order to be passed on to the jurors

We need images suitable for each month of the year

The following Information must accompany EACH email submission:

Name and contact info (Email, address and phone)

If your photo includes another’s property, please ask for permission and provide us with the property owner’s contact information.

Also, if you wish to go onto someone's property for that great shot, please get the owner's permission for doing so.